My gifted friend

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My gifted friend

Message par abualy le Mer 24 Oct 2007, 17:04

I’ve always watched big soccer players playing on the field, but, I’ve never seen somebody like this one, he’s not well known, but he impress everyone with his skills, do you know who is he? Actually, he’s my friend Mehdi.
I never can give him the description that he deserve: I’ve noticed his skills for the first time when he was playing in the school tournament, he had that that right foot made from steel, when he kick the ball, no body can touch it, even the goalkeeper can’t dive to stop it from entering the goal, and what a speed he got! He can kick the ball away and catch it before it lands!!
And when it comes to defence, he’s the best, no one can beat him, he’s like an obstacle for the ball and its owner.
Finally, I can say that he’s that last and only hope for our national team to win the world cup
lol! lol!


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